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The Difference and the Same of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant and Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant (Part 1)

 Concrete Mixing Plant is basicly divided into two types, one is mobile cocncrete mixing plant and the other is stationary or fixed concrete mixing plant. 

Today, I would like to introduce the common points between them---concrete mixing plant.
Firstly, it is their main parts. Both of mobile/stationary concrete mixing plant are consisted of five main parts, aggregate batching system, aggregate supplying system, mixing system, weighing system and control system.
Secondly, it is their working principle and mixing cycle. The whole process is same, aggregates should be storaged into batching system, lifted by supplying system, poured into mixing system and then loaded into truck mixer, all process is controlled by control system.
Finally, it is their main material. Whole concrete mixing palnt is made of good quality steel and iron to keep the plant sturdiness.
In part 2, I will mainly introduce the difference between mobile concrete mixing plant and stationary concrete mixing plant.


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